Finding time to write

1,000 words a day just got a whole lot easier! #amwriting #writingtips #writerslife


New Bundle is out now!

As you know as a writer, I need to have something in the works. Maybe a novel, comic, screenplay, or all at once. Like right now... I don't know how I feel about it at this point, but I'm making good progress on all of them. Now the main news I wanted to share is … Continue reading New Bundle is out now!

Catching up on TV sucks…

Yeah, I said it. I feel like it's hard work trying to catch up on shows that I've missed out on. Want a list? This is what I need to watch so far: Dagashi Kashi Blue Exorcist Sword Art Online II Breaking Bad Diesel Brothers Fast n Loud Ms. Panda and Mr. Hedgehog Into The … Continue reading Catching up on TV sucks…

Latest works

The radio silence has been hectic. I know, and I'm sorry. Journey to Elvander has been doing pretty good as well as my latest short story, Heal-X, which you can get for free. I've been keeping myself busy with a new novel and a screenplay, which is still in the first draft. I don't know … Continue reading Latest works