I am a 26 year old writer, not just any writer, but a comic book writer. It is a medium I grew up with and I still respect no matter what kind of bills I have to pay. I wrote my first comic when I was about 18; wasn’t any good. Matter of fact, I shoved it so far deep into my hard drive I can no longer search for it. Didn’t write another thing for about a year or 2. I went ahead and studied programming, especially video game programming.

This was an awesome thing! I felt like I could take on the world. I applied for a few game studios, then they failed and closed. I was left scratching my head in the dust. So I decided to design my own games and created my own video game studio, but alas funding help was hard and with crap jobs with crap pay, I had to resort to other things. So I wrote books…lots of books.

After a few years of writing novellas and a serial novel (which I’m still writing…). I decided to come back to the comic book game, but with a whole new batch of stories and a new attitude!


My latest graphic novel, Devil Sunrise exploded onto the webcomic scene with over 1k subscribers on its first year. Written by me and drawn by Nathasha Padron, this was a blessing. It proved to me that this was finally something that I can actually be good at. Now with this newfound confidence, I’m onto the next project and I can give a damn what obstacles will come my way!

My wife thinks I obsess over my projects, but little does she know that I actually just watch poorly edited fake movie trailers on YouTube.

p.s. I enjoy beer, cigarettes, cars, my beard, and pomade!