Writing less words

I'm going to be honest… writing stories is pretty intimidating, but so is creating a music album. Why did I just compare those two you ask, my metaphorical friend?

Well, back in the early days pre-selfie. Big record labels had to watch their bottom line which meant having to charge a lot for an album and with their marketing reach it allowed the artist to create an album with unnecessary filler tracks to get the full length of the album with their hit SINGLES sprinkled in, which was the primary reason for their fans to get the song in the first place.

Now, you look at the traditional publishing and it's basically a mirror image. They had you write a tome with unnecessary words to make a large epic novel just so it can justify their printing costs and know that you can sell and make back their advance.

All that seems fair…back in those times when you had to rely on them.

Today, you can ignore them and create and publish your own works in half the time granted out of your own pocket.

Singers and the like don't even need to have an album they can have SINGLES and EPs that labels didn't even want to touch, and allow their fans to check them out without the fillers.

Back to the books, you don't need a 60,000 word novel, who's going to take a chance on a first-time writer and their novel? Makes you think twice before you jump back on your project.

The same way an artist releases a single, a writer should deliver a short story. An EP is your novella. They are easy to produce and the more you release your "singles" and "EPs" the more readers you can get thus making your novel/"album" worth it!


2 thoughts on “Writing less words

  1. Writing is hard, and it can be so discouraging at times. Right now, I’m trying to build myself up on Tapas hoping to get following, but we’ll see what happens. Hopefully, all these writing goals weren’t for nothing. Great post!

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