Anyone can code

Yeah, coding is something you need to be passionate about, but then again so is any skill. Gardening, carpentry, mechanics, writing, and etc. are all something that anyone can do. I guarantee that if you don’t know how to do any of those things, you can learn them and by next month you’ll be changing your own oil in no time. That’s what a skill is. Something that can be taught and learned.

How can anyone keep calm with all these lines!

Coding when broken down from the lifestyle, the complex stacks, and all that coffee; it’s still a skill. When I learned it I was intimidated sure, and I was sure as shit confused as to what language I wanted to start with. So I just started with codecademy.

With their help, I refreshed my HTML and CSS skills. Then from there I jumped to Python, Javascript, and AngularJs. After I did my time with those languages, I got me a copy of Unity5 and started to learn C#, which is a language I still like to play with.

Watch_Dogs made it look easy

The hard part was letting it stick. That’s always the hard part. You can write 100 lines of code in 1 day, but try to repeat it the next day and you might as well just make toast in the microwave because you’re better off getting results with that. A lot of new coders show up and assume that they need to memorize libraries, code stacks, and loops to be a decent coder. That’s when they have second thought and give up almost instantly. 

Well, thanks to the internet, things have changed. In every blog and forum I visited, they all said the same thing:

  1. Never repeat yourself (or don’t reinvent the wheel).
  2. Good coders are good readers.

What that basically means is that, if you want to be a good coder all you need to do is google search or go on Github and find yourself the code that may answer your problems. Read it and study the code the same way a mechanic studies a diagram of an engine. To make it stick, type it line by line instead of copying & pasting. So when you type it out, you can read it and understand what each line means. That’s how your favorite coders did it and that’s how I do it.

Search for “My Little Pony clicker games”

In the end of it all, You still will feel like you didn’t learn enough and that’s ok. All you need to do is have the motivation to learn and to understand that you will never stop learning. You will always make mistakes and with that skillset, it’s forgivable. That’s how you learn.

So you don’t need to be some super genius to code. Just have the drive and be prepared to read a lot. Remember why you decided to be member of the coding club and have fun!


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