New bundle is out!

The Trouble Comes Calling bundle is out now and it looks great... not just cause I'm in it.


New Year means changing old habits

2018 has started and aside from the twisted news of Logan Paul's clusterfuck of an apology. Things are overwhelming already! Now there's you... You want to eat healthier, hit the gym, or maybe finally finish that novel that has been in the back burner for two years already. I know it sucks! My resolution? Same … Continue reading New Year means changing old habits

5 ways to enjoy a routine

I know people love to have some spontaneity in their lives. Why do the same thing every day? You'd rather just see where the wind takes you and hope that you come back home in 1 piece. Easy peasy, right? Then you realize that the project you were working on that you wanted to finish … Continue reading 5 ways to enjoy a routine

Thanksgiving Week!

As I stated before, I won't be participating in NaNoWriMo, but I'm working on a screenplay at the moment while I continue posting new chapters of Journey to ElvanderĀ (Just to let you all know, it's your subscribing, reviewing, and views that gives me the greenlight to put it to print and audio, but no pressure … Continue reading Thanksgiving Week!